Excluding the indolent, one may argue that the terms 'difficult' or 'complex' really mean 'I don't have the capacity to master it'; so one may argue that nothing is genuinely, objectively, difficult or complex. [?]


Intelligent-Self (IS)

The ad-hoc, manually-controlled, and more 'modern' set of brain activities, mostly occurring in the newer parts of the brain. The frontal lobe and the more recently-evolved brain regions play a central role; those regions provide us with more sophisticated capacities. The IS is different from consciousness (CN) because the IS references the newer brain regions and a higher order of sophistication, while the CN does not. The IS is a collective name for brain components and areas responsible for advanced, controlled functions.


Native-Self (NS)

Self-starting, automatic, primal, probably archaic, less-controlled brain activities, mostly occurring in the older parts of the brain. Examples include hunger, the desire for safety (for survival purposes), and the sex-drive (to ensure continuation of the species). The amygdala and other surrounding primal brain regions probably play a central role. The NS is different from the subconscious (SC) because the IS references the brain's evolutionary status, context and capacities, while the SC does not. This is important because less-sophisticated brains, such as those of reptiles have a NS but little or no IS.


Neurological Profile (NP)

The total inherited mental capacities and qualities, along with any new development thereafter, collectively represented as one's disposition, the sum of the NS and IS.



Obtaining superiority over something or someone else for gain or advantage.



Equalizing opposites.



Neurological capacity that one is normally born with. Higher intellectual levels 'demand' higher pleasure stimuli.



Nonsense, ignorant or incorrect communication, distortion of reality, or an outright lie.



Temporarily elevated or euphoric neurological state, usually following the secretion of substances such as endorphins.



The ability to speak, act and exist in absence of suppression.



Performance and yield above and beyond the subjective or objective norm.



Final and permanent cessation of previously existing NP.



The pseudonym of the person who birthed The Quick and Brutal Guide book series.


The Quick and Brutal Guide™

A book series by moses.guru, characterized by brutal honesty, mild exaggeration, tasteful irony, agreeable sarcasm, and some satirical surrealism. An average novel consists of approx. 50K+ words.


The Quick and Brutal (mini) Guide

A spin-off of the The Quick and Brutal Guide™, normally shorter in length.


Component-State Relationship